Time Saving Tips to Get an Extra Hour a Day

The clock is king. Especially when it comes to dentistry.  Most days you probably feel like there just aren’t enough hours in the day to get your work done.  Or you may wonder how you can possibly squeeze more out of the time you do have..  We’ve all tried a million ways, systems, time saving tips and tricks to help us become more efficient with the use of our time.   Time management truly is the cornerstone for dental success.

Do you feel like you’ve explored all options with no luck?  Don’t despair. OperaDDS can help you save at least an hour a day so you can carry your load without collapsing.

While we wish we could create more time, we haven’t figured that out just yet.  But, you can learn to work more effectively using OperaDDS and our ultra-effective time saving tips.  We’re talking time saving tips that will make your day more efficient but won’t shortchange the patient experience.

2 Time Saving Tips for Dental Success


How cool would it be to communicate freely with your entire team – staff, associates, specialists, technicians – at any time, from anywhere, on any device? How much time would you save if you quit playing phone tag? If you quit yelling down the hall? If you knew you had all the information you needed before you entered an op? If you had smooth communication? Thanks to OperaDDS, all of these scenarios finally have a solution.

OperaDDS was specifically created to solve the intra-office communication problems you didn’t even know you had. Our HIPAA-compliant products are about to boost how much fun you have practicing dentistry – not to mention increase your efficiency, profitability and time-saving abilities! OperaDDS is a revolutionary new concept in dental practice communication and a leap forward in productivity for all dental professionals.

OperaDDS is a complete information dashboard that unifies dental practice communication so that any team member can instantly be paged, receive e-mail, send orders to labs, or collaborate with other specialists from anywhere there is Internet access.  With OperaDDS, tasks that used to take hours – such as faxing, copying, phone tag, lost files, and filling out slips of paper– are reduced to a joyously simple, easy-to-use, click here, touch there operation. All practice communications are organized forever, easy to find, and right at your finger-tips.

OperaDDS works with all existing hardware and software, with all current and future computers, tablets and smartphones, with any email address, and with every dental professional out there.

Cue up Some Killer Communication

One of the most critical time saving tips out there is to always make sure your staff is on the same page as you.  How do you do that?  Communication.  Crystal clearcommunication, to be specific.  Communicate with your staff using multiple, HIPAA compliant mediums. Having your entire dental staff moving like a well-oiled machine is essential to saving you time and for  patients to have a super smooth and comfortable visit every single time.

Time saving tips are paramount in every dental practice.  Manage your time more effectively and essentially gain more time using these tips to help you reach your goals.

With OperaDDS, no more papercuts, no more kinked necks while waiting on hold, no more tripping over stacks of referral pads and stickie notes, no more losing your voice yelling down the hall – just pure, smooth, and effective intra-office communication. What’s not to love?

Reduce stress and increase productivity & profitability!

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