These Apps Will Make Your Dental Teams’ Lives Easier – OperaDDS Top Picks

Millions of people around the world have become more and more dependent on their mobile phones to perform even the smallest of tasks. These apps aren’t limited to personal use only: there are thousands of options available for the dentistry world as well.

Dentists, along with their dental team, are extremely busy taking care of dental patients and welcome any help they can get.  There are apps that  work in your dental practice in a way you’ve never thought possible—from streamlining processes in your practice to communication to lowering administrative costs.

OperaDDS’ own Martin and Bryan have taken advantage of, and tested, many apps that can make managing a dental practice easier for you and your dental team. Below are their top picks.

Martin’s Favorite Apps for Dentists & the Dental Team

  1. OperaDDS (this really should be the top 4; Pager, Recare, Chorus and Caretext)
  2. Google Maps (saved my marriage, as I have a horrible sense of direction…)
  3. Mailbird – I can’t get used to web email
  4. G Suite services (Docs, Calendar, Sheets) – Google’s cloud services are fantastic, in my opinion.
  5. Messenger (I actually don’t like texting as I find it much more difficult to manage than email and I don’t like constant distractions.  Everyone else does though, so it is a necessity)
  6. Google Play Music – loaded with good old school funk
  7. OneNote – I love notebook and paper, but then I filter everything into prioritized lists within OneNote that is my base to organize my crazy life.
  8. Visual Voicemail (transcribed voicemails to text) – Talk about a necessity!  Never listen to someone’s messed up cadence trying to find the number they want you to call them on again.
  9. Facebook – for business almost exclusively.  I’m not a very digitally social person, I prefer face to face even via Google Hangouts, but Facebook is a phenomenal way to engage with customers/patients.
  10. Uber – We all have that “man, how did I live without Uber” moment.  Even if it is post-bar.
  11. TiVo – Great UI and skipping commercials during “Last Man On Earth” can’t be beat.


Bryan’s Favorite Apps for Dentists & the Dental Team

  1. Uber – never late to work if your car needs work
  2. My Fitness Pal – helps keep healthy and can set up groups so the office can set health goals
  3. Postmates – food delivery if you forget your lunch or don’t have time to pack one
  4. Weather – helps predict when cancellations  will occur if big storms are predicted
  5. Calendar – helps keep track of office meetings, outings, balance work/life. How did we ever live without mobile calendars?  I love this because it keeps my life organized
  6. Grubhub – I love this because it is easy/convenient to get delivery of my favorite foods
  7. Apple Music –  Sometimes life is better when you can walk around to your own theme music

The next time you or your dental team is overwhelmed by a hectic day in your practice, remember there is always a helpful app just waiting to be used to make life a whole lot easier by allowing you to do what you do best.

OperaDDS can solve the intra-office communication problems you didn’t even know you had.  Then you will be able to focus on retaining your current dental patients and keeping them happy.

It’s time to take your dental team to the next level for ultimate dental practice success.  Request your demo with Martin here!  In just 10 minutes, Martin will walk you through how OperaDDS can improve communication in your dental office.   

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