OperaDDS: Solving Intra-Office Communication Problems You Didn’t Even Know You Had

OperaDDS was founded by an ordinary dentist to solve extraordinary problems and help move the entire dental industry into the 21st century by creating a new category: Intra-Office Communication. We think practicing dentistry should be fun. We think we should save trees. We think managing more efficient and direct communication makes life better for everyone. More fun, more profitability, and a better life for everyone – with a mission like that, we’re going somewhere.

How cool would it be to communicate freely with your entire team – staff, associates, specialists, technicians, everyone -, from anywhere, on any device? How much time would you save if you quit playing phone tag? If you quit yelling down the hall? If you knew you had all the information you needed before you enter an op? If you had smooth communication? So glad you asked!

How OperaDDS Solves Intra-Office Communcation Problems

OperaDDS born to solve the intra-office communication problems you didn’t even know you had. Our products, Recare, Pager and Chorus about to change how much fun you have practicing dentistry – not to mention your efficiency and profitability.


You have opposable thumbs. Use them. thumbs solved problems. You have a few problems: the 70’s are calling – they want their light boxes back. How about those radios you hardly use you spent hundreds of dollars and countless staff meetings trying to force implementation? Sticky notes on your computer screen? A good solid yell down the hall? Yup. Those are all solvable problems you probably didn’t even know you had. Lucky for you, we have the solution. Pager is the simple, easy, seamless problem solver. Pager is the most sophisticated and simple office communication system you’ve ever seen. Here’s what you’ll  get with Pager that is unlike other systems:

  • Single one touch paging on ANY device
  • Customizable checklist
  • You can use Chorus on ANY device, including Apple Watch
  • You can retract emails
  • CareText is the same


Fighting the good fight against bad penmanship. Until now, when we’ve needed to get the right information to the right people right on time, we faced a combination of “-ing’s”: writing, printing, copying, mailing, emailing, faxing, scanning, remembering. Oh, and let’s don’t forget the ever-entertaining and landfill-loving shredding. The fight is over. Simple, efficient, smooth communication has officially beat down your pads of paper and ballpoint pens. Go ahead compost  triplicate forms once and for all and get yourself to the nearest internet access point. Some other bonuses with Chorus that “the other guys” don’t have:

  • Secure on sending AND receiving end.  Most other systems are only secure on the sending end, not both
  • Most systems charge for every single email sent.  With Chorus, you have 5 emails per office at no additional charge
  • You can  use Chorus on any device
  • You can retract emails with Chorus.  Other systems do not have this ability

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Talk amongst yourselves

You love technology as much as we do and we found out the hard way  it turns out you are not safe. When your inbox is populated by ads for boots – after an innocent search for the perfect pair during that last break between patients – someone or something has been cataloging what you’re up to. Scary thought, isn’t it, when you use that same email service to send a few patients x-rays here and there to your colleagues… Every single day? We think your patients deserve proper protection, and we think your practice doesn’t have time to deal with the HIPAA police. We don’t think it should be complicated or costly. So we solved that little tiny problem you didn’t  realize you had. For free.

And this is only the beginning. Get your free trial today, and you’ll be singing OPERA.

It’s time to take your dental team to the next level for ultimate dental practice success.  Request your demo with Martin here!  In just 10 minutes, Martin will walk you through how OperaDDS can improve communication in your dental office. 

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