How Secure Messaging Can Improve Your Practice

Communication and messaging in your practice dictates the flow of operations as well as impacts patient experiences. While your practice may be operating “just fine” as of now, leveraging a secure messaging platform both internally and externally allows for fast, simple, and secure sharing of patient information outside of your primary network. Secure messaging creates a compliant, simplified way of communicating for all members of your team, so you can keep patient care as your top priority.

Secure messaging can garner improvements throughout all departments of your practice that can make a large impact on everyone’s day. By using secure messaging, your front desk staff has the ability to internally communicate with the rest of the staff about additional treatments a patient may need so they can get a head start on reaching out to insurance. Secure messaging also provides the front desk staff the information necessary to schedule the next treatment as soon as possible to ensure each patient is getting treated with the best care possible.

Secure messaging allows doctors and hygienists to be on the same page during each appointment, which gives the doctor the ability to walk into each and every appointment prepared. As a hygienist, a simple message can be sent to the doctor letting them know that the patient is ready as well as any information that will help the doctor be prepared to meet with the patient.

This quick, internal communication not only shows the patient that your team in on the same page, but also keeps the day moving along smoothly as there is no need for side conversations before meeting with a patient. This also eliminates the need for the doctor to ask questions that the hygienist may have already asked, as they can exchange messages before the dentist even enters the room.

External Messaging Generates New Leads

While communicating internally with your team allows you streamline your day to day process, generating new leads can be a secure process too. By working within a platform that gives you the ability to communicate with potential new patients through an online chat, you’ll have the ability to have real-time conversations and establish a relationship with that new patient. Not online? These messages are securely sent via text so you are alerted of a message that has come through.

Having access to this amount of patient information can seem to be a lot to handle, by using secure messaging and remaining HIPAA compliant, your intra-office communication will continue to streamline itself while providing a greater patient experience.

Secure messaging isn’t the only way to improve your dental practice. Evaluating Dental Communication Platforms: The Ultimate Guide will help you make the best decision for your practice.

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