4 Qualities of a Good Dentist

If you are a dentist, or thinking about becoming one, you have selected a field that can be both interesting and rewarding.

Consider these 4 top qualities a good dentist needs.

Many a good dentist have a diverse, yet common, set of personality traits.  Here are some of them.

Always seeking ways to improve communication

If you are a good dentist, you are constantly seeking an efficient office flow and have a hatred of bad communication. Enter OperaDDS.  OperaDDS is the total communication dashboard for a dental practice.  From single touch paging to HIPAA compliant emails to collaborative communication between the dentist, labs and specialists. OperaDDS replaces and refines all the disjointed options available in the marketplace. It pulls together all the individual technologies and innovations into one secure, simple and easy format. It works on all the technology you have as a web application and has a standalone Apple App.

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Easy to talk to

A good dentist tries to learn more about their patients on a more personal level. This will help the patient feel more comfortable and put them at ease.  When you do your best to get to know your patient, they will feel as though you truly care about them and their health, not just looking them at another mouth in the dental chair.  Possessing a friendly, comforting and pleasant attitude, good conversational skills and genuine interest in the wellness of patients are key attributes of a good dentist.

Strong leader 

Often , a dentist will work as practitioners within a practice, so they’re are  natural leaders. Not only must they lead a team of dental hygienists, technicians and assistants, but they must also manage any other team member, such as the receptionist, while making high-level business decisions for the dental practice.


The ideal good dentist is a patient person.  Dentists will have to deal with many people including children, elderly patients, people who are negative, people who are scare of having their teeth treated and people with disabilities.  Being calm under pressure and patient will not only lead to better overall care, but these traits will help you maintain positive and effective interactions and outcomes with patients.

OperaDDS is a dream come true for the good dentist.

It’s time to step up your communication game.  Now you can communicate like the pros.

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